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Thread: New Dashboard Project

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    Default New Dashboard Project

    Hi there, I am new to the Pentaho community and was hoping someone could push me in the right direction for a project I will be working on.

    I wish to create a BI/Dashboard add-on to an accounting system in my country Australia. It will be an external application that will run along side the system. I have direct access to the SQL database which I am quite comfortable with.

    My questions are:

    What do I need to download to begin this project? From what I have read, the BI Server and Report Designer is what I need.

    How much will it cost me if I wish to build this solution and deploy it to my clients as a third party product?

    How does the licensing work? Can I charge my clients an upfront fee for the add on or does it have to be on a subscription basis?

    From what I envisage, I would have to install a server component on the server where the database is being hosted and the end users can access the dashboards via a web browser?

    If I have left anything out, please let me know.. As I said, I am in VERY early days of scoping this project so any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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    I can try to kick the ball in motion.

    - You will need the BI server as a platform to run your solutions elements.
    - In Pentaho, these "solution elements" are called xactions, and you will need the Pentaho Studio to create them (or do them by hand).
    - You will need the Report writer to create reports (or do them by hand).
    - If you are doing lots of transformation and loading of data, the Data Integration tool (PDI) will come handy.
    - If you are creating analysis solutions, then you might need the Aggregate Designer and/or Workbench editor.
    - You will need the Dashboard framework and Editor (optional).

    - Pentaho has dual licensing - am open source and commercial licensing. The whole products are two totally different configurations, as fas as I can tell. The best persons to answer about prices and licensing are the sales team. Good luck with that.

    You have to install the server, but it does not have to be on the server where the database is.

    Your users can access the dashboard via the web.


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    Thanks for your advice Pradesh. Greatly appreciated.

    I have now got BI server environment up and running. Now the fun stuff can start!


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