I am currently working on an extension of Spatialytics(Solaplayers) based on Geomondrian.
I am displaying a tree with all members from each level of each dimension, for all dimensions, in order to let the user select wich elements he needs to display. My problem is that for the moment I use requests such as :

SELECT [Time].Members on ROWS, [Code NAF].Members on COLUMNS FROM [Commerces]
for getting every member by browsing the cellset returned by Spatialytics servlet.

My question is, is there any kind of MDX query that can return me only level members names, instead of calculating cells, even if it currently works, my request is very slow ( 2minutes +), and for a bigger Cube schema, I thinks it will be longer. So i need a better way to get my level members, like in JPivot's cube browsing.

If needed i'll add some screenshots to illustrate my problem.