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Thread: OFC don't work in a Dashboard with IE but work with Firefox

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    Default OFC don't work in a Dashboard with IE but work with Firefox

    I try integrate Chart (Open Flash Chart) with Dashboard.
    When I load I get a empty box with IE8.
    If I use firefox, it's work.
    I use Pentaho 3.5.2.

    Help please,

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    Check this forum - there's been conversation about this issue before, with a solution
    Pedro Alves
    Meet us on ##pentaho, a FreeNode irc channel

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    Thanks for your reply.
    yes, i try this but it's don't work. I work with 3.5.2 and this bug has been patched ,no?
    I go retry the solution for be sure.

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    I have modify CoreComponents.js :
    (copy and remplace in the file):

    if(jXML != null){
    var result = jXML.find("ExecuteActivityResponse:first-child").text().replace(/openflashchart/g,webAppPath + "/openflashchart");
    getDataFuntion = result.match(/getData.*\(\)/gi);

    // Only for IE,
    if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') {

    //Split Script and Object
    var newResult = result.split("}</script>");

    //Add scoped element
    var resultJS = "<input type=\"hidden\"/>" + newResult[0] + "}";

    // Add DEFER attribute
    var resultJS = resultJS.replace("<script>", "<script defer>");

    //Create new string for IE
    var resCombined = resultJS + "</" + "script>" + newResult[1];

    // For some reason OpenFlashChartComponent gets called twice. So this makes sure we don't write to div twice
    var isAlreadySet=eval(myself.htmlObject).innerHTML.ind exOf("embed")
    if(isAlreadySet==-1) {



    // Original code that works in FF
    else {



    I have always the empty box with IE.
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