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    I recently have installed Mondrian and I successfly connect to it using this code:
    import mondrian.olap.Connection;
    import mondrian.olap.DriverManager;
    import mondrian.olap.Query;
    import mondrian.olap.Result;
    public class requete {
      public void requete1 (){
      String connectString = "Provider=mondrian;" + 
      "Jdbc=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/foodmart?user=root&password=123;" +
       "Catalog=file:C:\\Tomcat 6.0\\webapps\\mondrian\\WEB-INF\\queries\\FoodMart.xml;"+ 
      Connection connection = null;
      connection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectString, null);
      Query query = connection.parseQuery("SELECT {[Measures].[Unit Sales], [Measures].[Store Cost], [Measures].[Store Sales]} on columns," +
      "{([Promotion Media].[All Media], [Product].[All Products])} ON rows "+
      "FROM Sales " +
      "WHERE ([Time].[1997])"); 
      Result result = connection.execute(query);
      result.print(new PrintWriter(System.out,true)); 
      public static void main (String[] args){
       new requete().requete1();
    Now I Want to represent the result in an array and a chart form.
    Please, is there a Java code that allow me to draw my data. It's very urgent.

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