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Thread: Role based contraint

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    Default Role based contraint

    I must create a role based contraint for a user in this mode:

    function_name(<user name>, <attribute 1>, ....) = 1

    This function return 1 or 0. The function is defined to Oracle level.
    How I have two problems:

    1) how can I define this function in the role based contraint ?
    2) how can I pass the <user name> of the user that execute the report ?

    The user execute the report with ad-hoc report.
    If I can not define this configuration, have have any suggestion ?


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    Use Pentaho Metadata Editor to define constraints:

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    I have seen the document, but in the document there isn't written how to call a function in the role based constraints. Can I call a function ? for example for returning the session variables ? (SESSION() ?)
    I can use only user and role function ? I have tried but they don't work. Can you send me a sample ?
    Thank you

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