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Thread: Feedback on Agile BI

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    Default Feedback on Agile BI

    Hi, I've just downloaded the 4.0EE agile BI software, and noticed 2 things:

    1. When editing the model, you can't change a COUNT to be a COUNT distinct. This would be very handy!

    2. When you change the model definition in the model view, it doesnt seem possible to get the analyzer view to update. I find I have to create the model I want in that view, and then if I change it I must restart spoon such that I can get the new model displayed in the analyzer. Im sure thats not deliberate? Actually I can't always reproduce this now. Doh. Maybe i didnt save before switching view.

    Interesting stuff though.. Not sure how far it'll take me in this current bit of work i'm doing.

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