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Thread: Schema Workbench or PDI 4

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    Default Schema Workbench or PDI 4

    Hi, I am working with Pentaho Community edition for 3 months

    To make models, I am using the Pentaho Schema Workbench tool and I'm working well.
    I know with PDI 4, is much easier to make a model but I could not run PDI 4 with "Windows 7." It does not give me any error, but spoon doesn't do any thing.

    Is anyone working well with PDI 4 and "Windows 7"

    Sorry for my English.

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    I also tried the preview of pdi4ee and I have similar questions in mind after playing with all the new features.

    We are currently deploy our first installation of pentaho-ee and we have developed an etl-process (star-schema) with some mondrian schemas. We also need some metamodel business view for our relational live-database.

    From my first impressions on the tech-casts i though pdi4 would be sort of a one-stop modelling facility replacing schema-workbensch (which we don't use a lot anyway) and the metadata-editor. We would very much appreciate such a unified metadata-tool for relational and olap.

    After trying pdi4 I really don't see how the new modelling facility competes/replaces the other modeling tools. As far as I could see pdi4 only allows for "mockup" models on a single table. Also the generated relational xmi-metamodels do only have one business-view. From the examples and the videos I couldn't see the connection between designing a dwh-etl-process (star-schema) and the new analyzer and prpt integration in pdi4.

    Anyway, the new pdi4 is really a step in the right direction and it is just a preview. I hope that this will be only the first step towards a more unified and initegrated metadata facility (editing mondrian-xml by hand is great but editing cwm-xmi is a pain)

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