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Thread: I can see only "Action successful"

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    Default I can see only "Action successful"

    I have created a xaction with design studio. This xaction run a jasper report. When I run the xaction I have always the following message:

    Action Successful test=SIACO//TestJasper.xaction.html, SIACO//TestJasper.xaction/html/2fce3dfc-486b-11df-be8b-0385af8f3596, text/html

    The file name changes when I run the xaction.
    I can not see the result of the execution. I have seen that in the folder
    C:\pentaho\biserver-ce\pentaho-solutions\system\content\SIACO\TestJasper.xaction\html is created the html file but I can not see the file via web as result of the execution.
    In attach there is the xcation.

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you


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    I have attached the xaction
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    dmoran Guest


    Change the destination to response, content - the XML in the action sequence looks like:

    Change this:

    To this:



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    I have changed the destination and now I see the result
    Thank you

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