Hi guys,

I'm using Pentaho Open BI Suite to generate a few reports.

I use an external application, web based, to show the users the reports that are available to them. In this application the users select the type of report (pdf, excel, word, etc), the year they wanna see and others inputs. With that information the application builds an url like this one:


In each report i can navigate to others report using the information selected in the first report. I'm using request and session on input to achieve this.

The problem is that once a the user select a year he's stucked with that year. The url a built in the external application shows the right year, e.g., the year selected by the user. But in pentaho the reports are always for the first year that i select, because even i'm passing the year in the url, pentaho ignores that and use session instead.

I had to restart the service to pick another year.

Can you please advise?

Thank you in advance,