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Thread: Submit in template.html

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    Default Submit in template.html

    Hi guys,

    Anyone have some example of using the command submit the template.html?

    Best regards,
    Ricardo Gouvêa

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    Care to explain? What are you talking about?
    Pedro Alves
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    Hi Pedro,

    Bom dia!

    I'll try to explain in detail my doubt.

    Let's imagine the following dashboard, two objects of type "select" and an object of type "submit" at the top. At the bottom, two chart objects. ok?

    When I run the dashboard, only appear the two objects of type "select" and the object of type "submit" Within each object show must select the following text "Select" and only when I have selected the content for the two objects of type "select" I can click the OK button (submit).

    After clicking the OK button, it shows that the first graph and when I click on it, it is shown the second graph again and when I click the OK button (submit) hides in the second graph.

    My question is how to implement the OK button (submit) and the first graphical display and hide the second chart, after clicking the OK button.

    Could you help me?

    Ricardo Gouvêa

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