On May 13, 2010, at 1:04 AM, Matt Casters wrote:

>> That's too bad for everyone, Pentaho, customers, kettle-devs, community users, etc....

> You keep trying to spin a non-story in a negative fashion and I keep saying there isn't a story. Again, getting testers for non-finished software has always been a problem for open source projects.

SImply put, I'm doing no such thing. So far I've said:
1- PDI RC1 period is short
2- Pentaho should have been more consistent and communicate more clearly on the PDI release phases (overall arc of PDI 4.0 dev/release)
3- PDI 4.0 isn't a bad release because of this particular short RC
4- PDI 4.0 shouldn't be delayed arbitrarily
5- It's a shame that more people don't download/test RCs for everyones benefit (absolutely AGREEING with you!)

I think we agree on all of these points (maybe not entirely on 2)! So suggesting that I'm *trying* to spin this negatively is wrong, and a bit offensive actually. I'll follow up with you privately, off list.


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