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<title>Regions and departments</title>
<author>James Dixon</author>
<description>Return the actual headcount costs total for each region</description>
<help />
<CONTINENT type="string">
<!-- Define an output called 'rule-result' -->
<rule-result type="result-set" />
<!-- This action sequence does not require any external resources -->
<resources />
<!-- Define a local output called 'rule-result' -->
<!-- Specify the component to execute -->
<action-type>Query For Variance Data</action-type>
<CONTINENT type="string" />
<query-result type="result-set" mapping="rule-result"/>
<!-- Define the settings for the component -->
<!-- Define the datasource for the query -->
<!-- Define the query to execute.Note the parameter {REGION} in the query -->
<![CDATA[select ENAME,SAL from emp where JOB in ({PREPARE:JOB})]]>
</component-definition> </action-definition>