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Thread: Deploy/publish PRD report using metadata as datasource

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    Default Deploy/publish PRD report using metadata as datasource

    I have developed a report using PRD using metadata as data source. It works file within the report designer, but I need to find a way to make it work when it is published to the server.

    Does anyone know how to do this? Any help will be much appreciated.

    This is the error msg I got when trying to run the report on server,

    09:55:19,736 ERROR [FileBasedMetadataDomainRepository] FileBasedMetadataDomainRepository.ERROR_0006 - domain not found: Campaigns
    09:55:19,736 ERROR [PmdDataFactory] error
    org.pentaho.pms.core.exception.PentahoMetadataException: QueryXmlHelper.ERROR_0009 - Domain Instance Campaigns returned null
    at org.pentaho.metadata.query.model.util.QueryXmlHelper.fromXML(
    at org.pentaho.metadata.query.model.util.QueryXmlHelper.fromXML(


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    pstoellberger Guest


    yeah i was struggling with that 1 year ago... can't remember the details but i had to adapt the xaction according to the already published metadata.xmi .. or something like that

    or/and change the MQL in the xaction

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    Do you have the domain id filled in in PRD's query editor?

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    Default Use Solution name

    Fwiw: the 'domain ID' that the PRD asks for should say 'Solution Name' and has nothing to do with the domain or model ID specified in the metadata modeler. If you use the name of the solution on the BI server (e.g. steel-wheels or WorldClassMovies) it works.

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