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Thread: Schema difference in Enterprise Repository and Kettle Database Repository

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    Default Schema difference in Enterprise Repository and Kettle Database Repository

    We want to use Enterprise Repositroy.
    So can you help me understand what exactly is a diffrence between the Schemas in Enterprise repository and Kettle Repository ?

    Can I direclty use Kettle Database Repository API for Publishing my JObs/Transformations into Enterprise repository ?


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    The Enterprise repository supports version management, locking, fine-grained security, etc.
    However, the interface to all repositories is the same since the EE repository is a plugin.

    See elsewhere on this forum on how to connect to a repository using the API.

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    Default DIS with Kettle Repository

    Thanks, that is great that the interface to a repository is one and the same but each repository (File, Kettle (3.2) or Enterprise) is an implementation that can be plugged-in. So, two questions that pop up:

    a) Can I write my own repository plug-in? So, I can store the transformations/job meta-data in another way than the 3 plug-ins?

    b) If I don't use Enterprise repository, but have all my data in Kettle repository (3.2.x), and now upgrade to Pentaho 4.0, then can I still utilize the neat features like Data Integration Server (DIS), Scheduler and Pentaho Enterprise Console (all these are in 4.0) with the old Kettle repository. I realize I will loose out the user administration and version control, but we would like to do a phased approach of first upgrading the PDI, and then move the 100's of transformations from Kettle to Enterprise down the road.

    Appreciate these insights.


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