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Thread: Sine wave performance graph

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    Default Sine wave performance graph


    We have a very simple transformation that reads data from a Table Input and pushes it into our custom plug-in that does behind the scenes some API calls to our application.

    [Table Input] ------> [custom plug-in]*10 copies

    We have seen that the performance monitoring graph looks like a SINE wave, that is, there are periods in the graph when the cpu usage suddenly drops to zero for 20-30% of the time, then the cpu usage becomes close to 80-90% for remaining 80% of the time. This happens several times in the entire run of 5 minutes and hence the sine wave, so the performance is up for some time, then periods of zero activity, then back up again, and so on.

    The Table Input step is finished in the first 12 seconds with 4000 r/s for 50K rows of data. But then the 10 copies of each of the custom plug-in are going up with a high rate, then stopping for a while then picking up again and so on repeatedly. I was expecting a constant rate of rows/second more or less than going to ZERO and then staying there for a while.

    Any pointers on this would be really appreciated.
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