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Thread: The great bug hunt 2.0

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    Oi! Big change in things on that address since start.

    I like the older UI more, but this one seems slightly more usable.
    Issue - When you select a level from a Hierarchy, it doesn't show the levels above it.
    - so if you select Month, you don't get the year number before it....

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    Small item for Room for Improvement:

    If you have
    Columns: Dim1, Measure1, Measure2
    Rows: Dim2, Dim3

    You get a Table cell on the Rows which spans the rows of Dim3 where Dim2 are the same. However, you do not get a cell on the top of the columns for Dim1 which spans all Measures. This should probably be consistent.
    I'm no expert.
    Take my comments at your own risk.

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    PDI on Windows 7 & Linux

    Please keep in mind (and this may not apply to this thread):
    No forum member is going to do your work for you. We will help you sort out how to do a specific part of the work, as best we can, in the timelines that our work will allow us.
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    Hey, sorry for not repyling any sooner.

    Allowing complex selections in saiku is something we are currently working on (specific members of a level, more than just one level of the same dimension. etc etc). as soon as we have finished that (hopefully mid-march) we will release the first production-ready version of saiku.

    The other problem with the column headers i have filed in our tracker:

    The issue in PAT with the title is something we always knew but it was related to a bug in gwt-mosaic

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry again for the late reply

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    No worries on time to reply - I love the concept, and look forward to having an advanced analysis option available in the CE stack.
    I'll try to remember to set up an account on your bug tracker and log items there instead.

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