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    Default Quadrant chart

    Hi, i need make 4 quadrants graph in pentaho.. I think, that I must to modify XY graph, but dont no which parametr.
    Than u for advices

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    ok, may be, that nobody understand to my question. So im adding picture with what i want to do with chart in pentaho dashboard. I want separate quadrants to each have different background and with cross between them. Im hopeless so any hints from u are welcomed...thanks

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    I don't see an easy way to do this automatically, but it can be done by judiciously setting your axis min and max values then placing a horizontal line and a vertical line to represent your zero points. This can be done by forumula, but it appears that the formula must be specific to the chart at hand based on the elements that are being selected (show legend-true/false) for example.

    I've attached a picture of my quick attempt to show a solution using an xy chart.

    To duplicate this, place an advanced xy chart of size 320x320 in the report header with x-pos=90 and y-pos=5. Set x and y min to -6. Set x and y max to 6. Set show-legend false. Provide a dataset with values within range. Place a horizontal line with width=285, x=115, and y=156.
    Place a vertical line with height=295, x= 258, and y=10.
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    Thank u Angelfish,
    but im trying to do this with jfreechart component in Pentaho. I want chart like on my picture, separate to 4 quadrants. Jfreecharts support this option, but pentaho doesnt. So im looking for a way ho to get it into pentaho and use it. If someone know how working parameters of charts (in xml definition - for ex. title, range-minimum etc.) where are calling and used, will be very very useful for me.

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