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Thread: Connecting to a message queue

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    Default Connecting to a message queue

    I've downloaded a trail version of Pentaho 4 EE, and trying to connect to a Java message queue. There are 2 queues as sources - one is an Apache Active MQ and the other is Oracle AQ. Any tips on how to connect Pentaho to a Java message queue will be much appreciated, and in particular, to Oracle AQ. Thanks!

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    Use JMS producer and consumer steps by configuring it to point to the right port #s.

    I was able to connect to Apache MQ pretty easily - all in less than 10 minutes. (Kudos to the Pentaho team to make this sooo easy

    Just use a JMS producer step to send messages to it

    And another JMS consumer to receive it and print them to a file.

    For any other JMS implementation, you will need to use JNDI that I have not tested.

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    Default Connecting to a message queue

    Hi there,

    Many thanks for your quick reply. It was good to hear that it's easy to connect to JMS queues.
    I am trying to connect to two types of queues:

    1> Oracle 11g AQ - I already have some messages in the queue, I just need to read those using Pentaho. Do you mind giving me step by step information on how to use the JMS consumer step like:
    a> What URL do I put in this step (JMS consumer)?
    b> Where do I mention JDBC driver information for Pentaho to connect to Oracle?
    c> Where do I mention the Oracle host name, user/passwd, queue name?
    d> Any other parameters/settings needed?

    2> Apache Active MQ - I need to read this queue so:
    a> What URL do I put in the JMS consumer step?
    b> Any other settings? drivers? I need to install/mention?

    Thanks in advance!
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