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Thread: Only one query per report?

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    Default Only one query per report?


    I have a really strange problem with the report designer. I have written 5 queries in the data tab and I have dragged each column (each query only brings back one column) into the report.

    The thing is I can only retrieve data for one query at a time. By right clicking on the query and selecting "select query". When I select the next query the previous query no longer returns rows when I preview the report.

    Is this just the report designer? so it would be fine when published?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi David,

    the report supports only one resultl set at a time. That's how the reporting engine works, not a Report Designer problem.

    If you want to use more then one reuslt set you need to work with subreports, which support again a single query and can pick up queries defined in the main report.

    Another alternative is to combine the data either in a single statement or to do some data processing beforehand.


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    Great, using the sub reports is allowing me to use multiple queries. thanks for your help ingo

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