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Thread: Xaction: query_result vanishes if there's something after it?

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    Default Xaction: query_result vanishes if there's something after it?

    I'm trying to build a dial chart with a dynamic upper limit.
    More precisely, I think I could use a javascript step with
    max = ( query_result.getValueAt(0,0) > 100 ? query_result.getValueAt(0,0) : 100 )
    and use the parameter {max} as upper limit for the last sector of the graph.
    The problem is that the xaction fails with a NullPointerException.

    After looking into it, it seems query_result becomes empty if there's any step after the SQL Query step.
    Look at the attached screenshots:
    - 1st one only has the Query step, and outputs query_result correctly (1 row, 1 column);
    - 2nd one has the DialChart step after the Query step; the graph displays correctly (i.e. it uses query result as expected), but query_result is printed as empty;
    - the same happens if there's only a Javascript step after the Query step (and no DialChart).

    Why that?
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