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Thread: With sql server

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    Default With sql server

    We have the pentaho software setup and installed, and the sample solutions working correctly, but I am having trouble getting our datasets working. All of our data is on MS SQL Server 2005. I successfully created and published a meta deta model as stated in the documentation, and I get data back correctly in the pentaho metadata editor. I am using the simplest of setups just one table really to get a hello world example working.

    I created a report with one column name as output, simple as can be, but when I run the report I get:

    Error: Base.ERROR_0002 - Component execution failed - java.lang.NullPointerException (org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.pentahometadata.MQLRelationalDataComponent)
    Debug: Starting execute of DRMTouchTest/Reporting/test.waqr.xaction (
    Debug: Getting runtime context and data (
    Debug: Loading action sequence definition file (
    Debug: audit: instanceId=91db4777-7991-11df-89ba-4bc3748182fd,, messageType=action_sequence_start (
    Error: Base.ERROR_0002 - Component execution failed - java.lang.NullPointerException (org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.pentahometadata.MQLRelationalDataComponent)
    Error: RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - ActionDefinition for MQLRelationalDataComponent did not execute successfully (
    Error: SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution failed (

    Server Version: Pentaho Platform Core 3.6.0-RC1.41573

    We are really serious about getting the Pentaho enterprise product, but we need to get it working first to move forward with our evalution. Could you provide us with some assistance?

    Nicholas Walker

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    Do you have the right JDBC Jars in your BI-Server directories?
    I'm no expert.
    Take my comments at your own risk.

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    Please keep in mind (and this may not apply to this thread):
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