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Thread: how to call setDataFactory of a subReport

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    Default how to call setDataFactory of a subReport


    I have a report with master report and one subReport designed from Pentaho Report Designer.

    I change the DataFactory of the MasterReport as follows :

     ResourceManager manager = new ResourceManager();
    Resource res = manager.createDirectly(new URL("file:chapter5/data/sub_sample.prpt"), MasterReport.class);
    MasterReport report = (MasterReport) res.getResource();
    MyStaticFactory factory = new MyStaticFactory();
    This works very nicely for the queries defined in Master Report but it does not for the Sub Report. My question is how can i also call setDataFactory of the SubReport .

    Basically i want to call setDataFactory for master & sub , can do for master ,but couldn't find a way to it for sub report.
    I want both of the factories to be changed while report is being generated.

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    You have to traverse the report model to locate your subreport and then you can call "setDataFactory(..)" on it.

    But then again: Datafactories are inherited anyway, so when you set the datafactory on your masterreport, your subreport will be able to see them as well. Just make sure that your datafactories know what queries they can answer (#isQueryValid(..)") and also ensure that your subreport and masterreport have different queries.
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    Thanks for the information,

    When i use the master-datasource in sub-report (inherited ) then queryDaya of the master factory is called.

    But when i use a seperate datasource in sub-report , queryData of the master factory is not called.

    One last question i have is about where to start processing should i go with :

    MasterReport report = (MasterReport) res.getResource();
    report.get... and then traverse ?
    or should i go with other utility in the pentaho api , can you tell me where to start .

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