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Thread: xaction schema

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    Post xaction schema

    hi all,

    i am designing xactions using Design studio, during this i learnt that to master xaction one need to
    have good under standing of xml file generated by design studio.
    i searched for schema of xaction bt dint find any thing on it.
    this link is not up to date(i suppose).

    can any one provide link where i can get this schema, or any hint where i can get it in source code of pentaho.

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    there is no schema. The wiki page you mention is a list of elements you can use in .xactions. This is more of a convention however, the .xaction's xml structure is not enforced by a schema or a dtd.

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    thanks for helpful reply bamaer

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    Hey bamaer,

    You said that there is no schema to enforce the XML, just curious if you know why that is and if it has changed in the past couple years? I noticed at the bottome of that link that there is a TODO to "Link to download the "real" xml schema" which makes me think one has got to be (or is being) made. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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