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Thread: Reporting Bug

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    Default Reporting Bug

    I have made a report in which I am passing the startdate and enddate parameters. there are few months which doesn't contain data but but has the date column from which I take startdate and enddate.
    I am making a time series line chart in which if I want all the blank months to be plotted on my X-Axis. but it not doing so.

    Basically my short question is that "How to plot the time interval for multi series line graph showing the null data in dates on X-Axis."

    It fulfills this requirement while I have only one series which I specify in chart definition parameter as "seris by value" but it doesn't show me the null dates' value when I specify "series by field"!!!!
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    Use a XY-line-chart and missing dates are inserted automatically.

    If you use a categorical chart, then only the dates that are specified are actually used.
    Be aware that XY-charts need a TimeSeriesCollector and that the TimeSeriesCollector requires Date-columns. So if you have just strings that look like dates, you are not going to be happy.
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