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Thread: Controlling visibility of PRPT files in PUC

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    Default Controlling visibility of PRPT files in PUC

    We have a master report which has hyperlinks to other more detailed prpt files.

    Is there a way, either unzipping the prpt file and editing XML or doing it in PUC or PRD 3.6.1-GA to hide the drill down prpt files?

    It will never make sense for our users to execute a report that is called by the master report. We want to hide them to reduce visual clutter.

    -- Perhaps the solution is to create a subfolder and just turn <visible>false</visible>, but I wanted to see if there was a way to hide an individual report.

    We are using BI Server 3.6-GA on Linux. PRD 3.6.1-GA.

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    At the moment, hiding them in a hidden folder is the only option.
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