I am currently working on a project to use Pentaho reports. The project is a web application that is written in PHP. I've done a lot of searching both through this forum and through the Wiki but seem to have hit a dead-end and was hoping someone could help out.

In its simplest form, I am trying to let a user click to run a report from within the PHP application. It seems like just using SOAP to make the calls to Pentaho might be the easiest, but I can't seem to find any information on using SOAP with Pentaho (like where do the wsdl's live, params, etc...)

I've seen references to just creating an Xaction and calling it via the URL, which would be fine but I can't seem to find anything that discusses where to put them and what is required in them. Plus it appears that they are written on a per report basis rather than a per user or per role basis. Is that correct?

Any other ideas what I could do to achieve this? I'm not looking to put a ton of Pentaho's features into my app, I simply want the users to be able to run reports from Pentaho without making them go login to the Pentaho interface to do so.