I am having problems to integrate a map component in a dashboard using CDF Dashboard Editor.
In plain CDF the map component works just fine, but i need to integrate it with a dashboard already built in CDF Dashboard Editor.

I am trying to use a postEexecution function (of some component), and then just copy the map component javascript code and then add it to Dashboards, using Dasboards.addComponents and finally update each component using Dashboards.update method.

All components i tested so far, worked fine, only map component didn't work this way.

When i try to run the dashboard built in the CDF-DE with the map component (and the correspondent text and mapBubble components), it gives me this errors:

"Object type text can't be mapped to a valid class. "
"Object type map can't be mapped to a valid class. "
"Object type mapBubble can't be mapped to a valid class. "

When i change the map component type to "xaction", it shows me the correct xaction output, and doesn't give any error, wich, i believe, means that everything else is correct.

Is there any problem using the cdf map component in the dashboard editor?
What does these errors mean?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.