When the schedule permits, usually after a major release, the Pentaho Developers have the opportunity to work on whatever Pentaho related projects they want for a week. In some cases it's a feature that they want to use, sometimes it's a prototype of a new technology or just working in a new area that they have been curious about. We call this "fun week." Sometimes a fun week project even makes it into the product.

The last big set of releases was a couple weeks ago and afterward, the developers had a fun week. This Community Tech WebEx will feature Lightning Talks from the Pentaho developers to tell what they worked on and which projects can be continued by the community. With the Lightning Talk format, each developer will get 5 minutes, a single slide and demo if possible.

Event login information and details can be found here: http://wiki.pentaho.com/display/COM/...echnical+WebEx

The session will be recorded in case you miss it.

The presentation will start Wednesday, July 7th 14:00:00 GMT

San Francisco (USA) . 7:00 AM PDT
Orlando (USA). . . . 10:00 AM EDT
London (England). . . 3:00 PM BST
Lisbon (Portugal) . . 3:00 PM WEST
Berlin (Germany). . . 4:00 PM CEST
Jakarta (Indonesia) . 9:00 PM WIB
Sydney (Australia). . 12:00 AM Thursday EST

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