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Thread: Pass parameters from one report to another

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    Question Pass parameters from one report to another

    Hi community

    I need pass some parameters from one report to another... I don't know how I could connect the 2 reports?

    In some webs I read that I have to put the parameters in the URL, but I am newbie and I don't know where put this URL and which is the format of the URL...

    My idea is in the first report put a image and configure this img with a hyperlink adding the parameters for the second report, but I don't know which can be the format of this hyperlink... can do it this?

    how I could recover the parameters in the second report?

    Please help me... I'm so frustrated because nothing works to me with the hiperlynks...

    Thank you a lot...

    I'm working with these solutions:
    - My Data Mart is in MySQL
    - I use the Pentaho Bi-Server ce 3.5.0 RC2 and
    - Pentaho Report Designer 3.5.0 or Pentaho Report Designer 3.6.1 (I have this two versions)

    Kind Regards and Thanks again!

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    Hi masters

    I'll done put the hyperlik in an image of the first report and later when click this image (in my web pentaho/home), I'll made open the second report... and the URL contain the parameter from the first report...

    The configure of this URL is:

    Now, my problem is that I can't recover the parameter: PAR_RUTJC in the second report...
    Anybody knows... how can I'll do this?

    Please help me...

    Thanks All!

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