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Thread: Missing rows after sort step (???)

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    Default Missing rows after sort step (???)

    Dear all,

    I'm doing a normal trasformation using a sort step.
    My problem is that I miss lots of rows after sort step (input 8500 rows --> output 6.500 rows).
    Have you got a reason for this strange behaviour ?
    Many thanks

    Attached error and step zoom
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    You have fewer rows because the transformation crashed before finishing.
    You should take a look at the error, and try to solve it.
    The log is no so clear in the image, and I wasn't able to open the ktr (I think you are using a plugin I don't have, a sap plugin maybe?). So this is all I can help so far,

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    Default Revised example to test

    Dear all,

    probably I need to stop some process during trasformation in order to wait the end of other priority ones.
    I'm not so tech guy to understand it and I don't know how can I do it in Kettle.
    Attached you can find a revised sample of trasformation.
    Probably it runs quite nice but imagine to use the data streams coming from ERP and DB not from a txt file.
    If it could help you "sorts" is really long time consuming step (also if records number is not so relevant) and on my well powered pc after some... time the process runs all the 8.000... records. On the other hand the user who run really the trasformation has a normal pc and there after about 2.700 record the trasformation abort.
    Many thanks again
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