I've been working with the Pentaho Metadata Editor (PME) the last few days. Very cool feature, and I'm excited about using this to open up our data warehouse for ad hoc querying to business users. I had some concerns, though:

1. Why is the mdr.btd (metadata repository) file so large relative to the .xmi file? The .btd file seems to grow everytime I open the Metadata editor, even without any changes being made. I deleted the mdr* files and relaunched the UI. New files are created, and I imported the .xmi file. The repo starts small again, but quickly grows.

2. I don't see a config file for the location of the mdr* files. I know I could use a database metadata repo, but I prefer file based. I'd like to point PME to my SVN repo to reference the mdr files. Is this possible?

3. It's a little annoying to have another place to reference JNDI connections. The BI server is able to resolve JNDI references from different Pentaho components (reports, etl, olap, metadata). However, the client tools used for development each have their own JNDI config file. Perhaps all the development tools could look in ${user_folder}/.pentaho/simple-jndi to resolve these connections?

thanks for any help/comments