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Thread: Pentaho Analysis Tool vs Report Analyzer - operations between columns/measures

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    Default Pentaho Analysis Tool vs Report Analyzer - operations between columns/measures


    having tried out the online demo of the Pentaho BI Suite, I was very impressed with the Report Analyzer module.

    However, it isn't part of the community edition and having understood that, I came across PAT - pentaho analysis tool.

    In the community forums there's only version 0.6 being advertised I think, but I found version 0.7 at the project page.

    So far I've managed to get by using PAT instead of Report Analyzer, however there's one feature in RA that I couldn't find in PAT:

    In PAT, say I have a cube, I'm able to drag fields as rows or columns, even drill for details, however I cannot perform math operations between existing Measures of the cube, and thus create extra columns for my report - and this is possible with RA.

    The objective here would be to generate new columns in my report, by simple drag and drop, right click - select formula/operator - based on existing, original table fields in my cube - and afterwards, generate the report.

    Have I misused PAT, is this feature a part of it too somehow, as is with RA - or does it still need to be developed in PAT?

    If development is needed, how can I help?

    (I'm not that experient with java, most of what I've done has been with PHP, shell scripting... - linux adept - but I'd be willing to try)

    Thanks in advance!

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    A calculated measure wizard is some thing that they have been talking about but at the moment they are working on a big push to get every thing that's there stable and working to get version 1 out the door.

    If you want to help out feel free to drop by the irc channel ##pentaho.pat on freenode, or the mailing list over at There is a user one as well if your interested at

    Good luck

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    thanks for the reply, in the meantime, I've kept reading all the documentation and came across the Agile BI Plug-in, also from Pentaho, but proprietary.

    I've successfully managed to use it with Kettle and I now have the much wanted Analyzer Tool working with my own databases.

    My next goal then would be to figure out if it is at all possible to build this Agile Plug-in into the Community Edition BI Server, thus having the Analyzer also available via web browser, directly in the BI Server.

    As it is proprietary I'm not sure if it is possible to do this both technically and legally, however I'm only considering this solution for company use and not redistributing any built code.

    Thanks again for the reply, I'll still keep an eye out for PAT!

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