having tried out the online demo of the Pentaho BI Suite, I was very impressed with the Report Analyzer module.

However, it isn't part of the community edition and having understood that, I came across PAT - pentaho analysis tool.

In the community forums there's only version 0.6 being advertised I think, but I found version 0.7 at the project page.

So far I've managed to get by using PAT instead of Report Analyzer, however there's one feature in RA that I couldn't find in PAT:

In PAT, say I have a cube, I'm able to drag fields as rows or columns, even drill for details, however I cannot perform math operations between existing Measures of the cube, and thus create extra columns for my report - and this is possible with RA.

The objective here would be to generate new columns in my report, by simple drag and drop, right click - select formula/operator - based on existing, original table fields in my cube - and afterwards, generate the report.

Have I misused PAT, is this feature a part of it too somehow, as is with RA - or does it still need to be developed in PAT?

If development is needed, how can I help?

(I'm not that experient with java, most of what I've done has been with PHP, shell scripting... - linux adept - but I'd be willing to try)

Thanks in advance!