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Thread: Republishing Pentaho Reports

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    Default Republishing Pentaho Reports

    Hello All,

    Whenever I make changes to a report and republish it, and then view the report. I don't see any of the changes to the report.

    The only way I am able to see the changes, when I explicitly delete the old copy and then publish the report.

    Is this a bug in the pentaho server? it is caching the report and on republishing, it still uses the old copy.

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    HI ABHI,

    That is not a problem . Just go through these steps and rest will be the history.

    1.Open your administration-console folder.
    2.Start the start-pac.bat you will get an id which will be used for open administrator pannel.
    4.Open the administrator pannel (ex: my url is :http://localhost:8099)
    5.Now authentication window will come, set the username and password as "admin","password"
    6.wait for server start .The cross sign of server status will vanish after server start.
    7.Now go to the Administration .
    8.Choose Services then refresh the Solution Repository.
    9.Now check you prpt .
    10.You have to follow each time republishing of your prpt.

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    Default Republishing Pentaho Reports

    Reports are cached.

    Another way to refreshe the cache is through the User Console. From the menu select Tools > Refresh > Repository Cache. If you have the Browser window displayed there is a small icon at the top (red arrow over green arrow) that does the same thing.

    This seems easier than starting the Admin Console.


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