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Thread: How to add more details to drilldown?

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    Question How to add more details to drilldown?

    I`m making cube for Partners balance checking.
    In cube view there is Partner code, Balance and Balance in other currency. I would like to get more information after drilldown. Now I get: Partner Group, Partner and Balance.
    Is it possible to add there columns: Date, Invoice Title or others? (from the same table as facts or other)

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    You can do this by adding a Property to a level. Then select the "Show Properties" button in jpivot.

    Read all about it here



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    Well... I just implemented an "extDrillThroughCols" property to my Cube in the schema, that adds the listed columns when doing a drillthrough.. It that what you're looking for? Implemented on 3.0.4, but should be portable...
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    Hi rosselet..

    Can you provide an example / screen shot of that what you added to your Cube Schema? Just to to see how that works? Many Thanks, DMurray3

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    Talking implementation

    Added to definition of Cube:
     <Attribute name="extDrillThroughCols" type="String" required="false">
                    Specify additional columns to be added from fact table at drillthrough
                    format "colname:alias,colname:alias"
    also needs small change to
    and RolapCube.. and maybe a couple other small deltas.

    Basically means you have a fact table for your table, and in the
    cube definition, you can add
     <Cube ... extDrillThroughCols="text1:My special field, specialcode:my code" ... >
    and so on, and these fields (with the specified aliases (heading) will be added when performing a drillthrough. There's probably a better way to do it, but it works for me )
    If you need more details or the rest of the code.. let me know.

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