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Thread: How to avoid logging of root job in Logging window in Spoon

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    Default How to avoid logging of root job in Logging window in Spoon

    Is there a way to avoid writing any log to Logging window in Spoon when I run my root job? I'd like to have those messages go to a file instead.
    In Job->Settings menu, Log tab, there is Log connection and log table. There is no mention of logfile.
    I also tried to choose "Nothing at all" for log level when I execute a job, but it still writes to Logging window in Spoon.
    Many thanks!

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    you could try to run the same job/transformation using kitchen/pan and log the output to a file.

    not sure this helps or not..

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    You can use your own log4j.xml file to configure the logging.
    Simply place one next to the Spoon application.

    Even simpler put the output in a dummy file or /dev/null on Unix systems.

    Spoon.bat > output.txt (Windows)
    sh ./ > /dev/null (*nix)


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