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Thread: Create a log file

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    Default Create a log file

    Hi All,

    1st Case:

    I am trying to create a log file of a job using the repository.
    when i created repository few tables are created in the repository. So i want to know which of this tables, i should use as a log table to create the log. I used r_log , r_loglevel , r_repository_log and also used most of the other tables, but could not create log. it throwing some error.

    2nd Case :

    Also i am trying to create a log file of a job using following command:

    kitchen.bat /file:c:\pro\testjob.kjb /leveletailed >C:\log\testjob.log

    it creates a log file but the problem is log file does not contain the details of the job.

    Even i tried with different level - with Error, Minimal , Rowlevel. its of no use.

    Conclusion : I might be trying to create a log file, but with wrong settings.

    I want to create a log file that contains the details of the job using the
    repository and also without using the repository.
    Is there any demo for it , if there, can you send me the link.


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    I am a newbie and I am not sure if my reply could be of some use.
    But, here is my understanding

    You can go to the transformation setting under which you can get to the logging tab. There you can specify the log table name where you want to log your data.
    If the log table do not exist with that particular name, You can click on the SQL button under the logging tab which will show you the query to create the logging table. Once you execute the query, you should be good.


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    As a follow up to Omm's comments...

    Create your own log table, not one of the Repository tables. You can break your repository by trying to log your jobs into one of the r_ tables.

    In my case, I have two tables: j_log and t_log in a separate space from my repository, so that people who rely on the jobs and transforms can query the logs to ensure they have run correctly.
    I'm no expert.
    Take my comments at your own risk.

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    Please keep in mind (and this may not apply to this thread):
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    Hi All,

    Thank you Omm and Gutlez !!

    Now i can store the log details in the repository.

    Now Can you please help me in creating separate log file, i mean storing the
    log details into a file not in the repository.

    Once again, Thank you for your help.

    Thank You,

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