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Thread: Table Output Replaced with Insert/Update

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    Default Table Output Replaced with Insert/Update

    Hi All,

    I have a transformation

    Table Input -> Table Output

    transferring the record from source database table to destination database table.
    I tested initially the transformation with MYSQL 5.0 , it works fine.
    Then i tested the same transformation with the Oracle , its not working.
    I was getting the error :

    Table Output. - ERROR : ORA-00001: unique constraint violated
    No record is inserted into destination table.

    Now i have removed the step table output and replaced insert/update step.
    Now record is inserted but still the error is occurring.

    Can any one tell me why is it so happening. Does the transformation steps are database dependent ?

    Please Help me.


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    You have some unique index defined in your oracle table but not in the mysql one i think..
    (Maybe you're using an autoincremental key in Mysql?)

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    one or more rows are being updated,
    use (select count(1) from table) in both db and take a look......
    (must be different)

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