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Thread: Tranformation in a J2EE application

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    Default Tranformation in a J2EE application

    I would like to integrate transformations in a Web application. For that I'm using the Java API.
    The transformations are locally with SPOON created and as XML exported.
    Then on the J2EE application I will take the XML-File transformation from a WEBDAV repository (Jackrabbit) and start the transformation.
    I have tried many implementation but following questions are always open :
    1. How to read the XML-File from WEBDAV ? I have tried with VFS (integrate in PENTAHO), but without success.
    2. I need to transform CSV File. How to read the files from WEBDAV during the transformation ?

    Did you have examples or solutions for these problems ?


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    You've a good example about how to start a trasformation from a Java application looking at the CDA sources. Look for the JoinCompoundDataAccess class in the pt.webdetails.cda.dataaccess package. There you'll find a good example about how to dynamically create a transformation.

    In any case on Pentaho wiki you'll find plenty of examples about that. Look at here

    Have fun!

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