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Thread: Agile and BI CE Server

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    Default Agile and BI CE Server


    I've been reading the forums but couldn't find a clear and definitive answer for this:

    Is it possible to build the CE BI Server with Agile support in it?

    I've managed to successfully use the Agile Plug-in with Kettle/Spoon by just copying the plug-in to the data integration plug-in directory as the how-to indicates, however I'd just like to know if it's possible to integrate Agile support directly in the CE BI Server, much like in the Enterprise Demo.

    Also, if possible, will this affect licensing - the goal is to just use the solution at company level, and not to re-distribute any built packages...


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    The Agile Plugin uses closed source apps from the Enterprise Edition and can not be inserted into the CE server. You should check out the PAT Plugin, which is open source, provides similar functionality to the cube aspects of the Agile Plugin, and can work with the CE server.
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