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Thread: Issue while creating repository in production server.

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    Default Issue while creating repository in production server.

    Hello Everyone.

    We are migrating to a production server in a datacenter.
    Having said this, it is on a completely different network.
    It is a Linux server, which doesn't have xmode. As such, no graphics leads to unusability of GUI tools like spoon.
    The database on the server is mysql.

    I have installed enterprise pentaho package on the prod server using the text only mode.

    Now I need to create a repository on the prod server.
    The issue is that, I cannot connect to the database on the server from the spoon on my client machine, thus rendering spoon useless for creation of a repository on the prod server.
    (The reason I cannot connect is because I cannot define a database connection from my machine to the production database, as I am a developer, and connecting to the production database from my machine is prohibited). One can only connect to the prod-database using remote access). However, the pentaho server's enterprise console is on the production server, and can connect to the database.

    Is there some other way to create a repository on a prod server which doesn't have graphical interface?

    (PS. If I create a repository on my local database, take a mysql dump of it, and use that to make a repository on the prod server, will it work?)

    Thank you.

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    Ops, I have done a cross posting... (
    I'm in the same situation, how do you have solved this problem (If you had)?

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