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Thread: Removing field x changes value in field z

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    Default Removing field x changes value in field z

    Here is an error I absolutely cannot understand:

    I have a "select values" step which I use to remove some fields (for example x and y). This step is used to remove some fields only - nothing else.

    Furhtermore, there is a field of type "number" called z. After removing the fields x and y in the step above all the digits in z are gone!
    (Example: z before was 5,98 and after is 5)

    What do I do wrong??? Please advise

    Edit: The number value is created in a formula step by taking a string and calculating 0+string value. Is there another way for conversion?
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    Unable to duplicate in PDI 4.0.0-stable. Can you post an example?

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    First of all I would like to thank you for your fast reply! Meanwhile I found a solution though I cannot exactly say what made the success.

    The basic changes to my previous transaction are:
    - I changed the get variable step which is inbetween the input and the step where the failure occurs.
    - I introduced another select item step where I convert the string to a number by changing meta-data to new type. Then I can do the correction with numbers and don't have to create new types in the "formula" step.

    Have a nice day

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