Hi Master's

Please help me with this problem... I don't know if is possible solve it ...

I have a table that returns me rates of attendance (percentage)...
and I SELECT one person with some ID...

For Example:
Table: Attendance
ID, Name, percentage_attendance
1, Roger Federer, 68.123
2, Rafael Nadal, 72.123
3, Pete Sampras, 75.3623

It's possible that in a pie-chart (when I see that)... does not appear percentage as 100%??...(pie_chart_1.jpg)

I want return the actual percentage of the person (75%)... but not like the 100% (See Photoshoped Image: pie_chart_2.jpg).

Thank's to all


I'm working with:
- Pentaho Report Designer 3.6.1
- BI Server 3.5.2