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Thread: PRD MDX vs PSD MDX

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    Red face PRD MDX vs PSD MDX

    I am seeing that Report Designer formats data differently than the other Pentaho MDX query tools. In a cube definition a Percentage column has a format defined as '%##.##'. The Schema Designer, and JPivot provide output as defined in the Cube definition. PRD does not provide the format direction.

    In Schema Designer, an MDX query will return the following (similar to JPivot or Mondrian Analysis):
    Axis #0:
    Axis #1:
    {[Client Location.Clients].[DEMONSTRATION CLIENT]}
    {[Client Location.Clients].[COMMON HEALTHCARE]}
    Axis #2:
    {[Monthly Period].[2010], [Measures].[Count of Employees]}
    {[Monthly Period].[2010], [Measures].[Count Vaccinated]}
    {[Monthly Period].[2010], [Measures].[% Vaccinated]}
    Row #0: 15
    Row #0: 14,591
    Row #1: 4
    Row #1: 609
    Row #2: %26.67
    Row #2: %4.17

    PRD does not format the % Vaccinated value as defined in the MDX cube definition:
    All Monthly Periods 2010 Count of Employees 15.0 14591.0
    All Monthly Periods 2010 Count Vaccinated 4.0 609.0
    All Monthly Periods 2010 % Vaccinated 0.26666666666666666 0.04173805770680557

    The individual measures are not available in PRD for formatting. The [Measures].[MeasuresLevel] will display all the available measure values, thus the individual member is not a field available for formatting.

    How can I get the format as set forth in the MDX cube definition?

    Bill W.

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    0.26 is 26% if you use a Number-Field with the correct "format" attribute set. PRD reads the raw data, as most people post process their values via calculations or aggregations. You cannot aggregate* a string that says "% 26" no matter how hard you try.

    *)Well, count and count-distinct works, but most people love to sum or average ...
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    Ok, that I get, but if you are just displaying results from a query you would expect to use the Data Format check box or something to get the format specified in the cube definition.

    That means that I would have to query each individual measure and format separately. Works, but an awful lot of extra work that was supposed to be done in the cube definition.

    Bill W.
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    Then raise a jira - sounds like a sensible improvement request!

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