I've know Maria for some time now, since we're both moderators of Pentaho's Spanish forums. Having proof of her extensive skill with PDI by her numerous contributions to the community, I was quite excited about seeing the results of her efforts on creating a book that would allow complete beginners to enter the huge world of the world's most advanced Free / Open Source data integration software.

It certainly took me some time to find the moment to write this, so it has already been said a couple of times before, but the main thing about this book is that it perfectly hits the spot: having experience teaching Pentaho's courses, it becomes quite evident that the most important thing for a beginner in order to understand and to be able to use PDI is to practice. A lot. And then, perhaps, after you've acquired some experience, learn about the theory behind it, which will allow you to take it one step further.

This book achieves that wonderfully: it gives you just enough theory to support what you will be doing, and then progressively presents excellent exercises that will take you through PDI's features in a very easy to follow way, gradually building on concepts in a manner that evidences the experience and skills of the author.

I have been -and will be- recommending this book to anyone approaching PDI for the first time and to those who, having some experience, have only used a fraction of PDI's power. A true asset for the Pentaho community: https://www.packtpub.com/pentaho-3-2...ers-guide/book