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Thread: Using Error Handling

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    Default Using Error Handling

    We are confused about how to effectively use Error Handling. What we are attempting to do seems simple enough, but we're struggling making it happen.

    We have a simple EXCEL file that we want to import and validate. In our simple transformation we have used the Data Validator and enabled Error Handling. Our Data Validator checks one field to make sure it is less than 20 characters long. We have successfully separated the Good and Bad records into two separate target files. However, we are not sure how to set up the Error Handler to tag the Bad records with an error code, error description and error message etc.

    Can someone help explain how to do this using the Error Handler. Also, we can not figure out all of the parameters found on the Error Handler.

    Any help would be appreciated. (I think it is time to Beginner's Guide).

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    Hi catmkt,

    It sounds like you have succeeded in enabling error handling for the step with some alternate route for the errors. You probably just need to populate the error handling dialog for the step with field names for the error fields.

    Generally (you have most of this set up I think) -

    Draw a hop from your error-prone step to successful result step, and another hop from the error-prone step to the unsuccessful result step.

    Right click the step and choose "Define Error Handling".

    In the pulldown labeled "Target step", choose the unsuccessful result step (to which erroring rows will be sent). The non-error rows will go to the other connected downstream step automatically.

    Check the "Enable the error handling" checkbox.

    Choose names for new fields to be generated with the error information. It's arbitrary, I usually use error_count, error_descriptions, error_fields, error_codes unless there's a good reason for something different. Enter these field names in the four lines following the checkbox.

    The last three fields relate to stopping the transform on a high error rate or count, probably not needed initially.

    Check OK.

    Now in the error rows that pass to the error step through the dashed red line, you will have fields with the names you provided in the error handling dialog that can describe the error(s) for the record specifically.

    HTH - Regards,


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    Default Thanks for the clear reply Jeremy

    Your reply made complete sense, and once we set it up using your notes, it all worked perfectly!

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    Default Error handling

    Quote Originally Posted by catmkt2009 View Post
    Your reply made complete sense, and once we set it up using your notes, it all worked perfectly!
    Hi, I am using Kettle data integration tool to do Data migration from XL sheets to Oracle DB tables.While doing this migration we are using Validator ,Unique rows and multiple DBlookups steps in a flow.Here i need capture the Error records in a single XLS file from all the steps. Can you please help me out to capture all the error records in a single XLS file with the step names. Thanks in advance for your response Regards Saran

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    Follow the steps describe in the previous post and add some more steps to collect the error messages.
    Then redirect all those to one single XLS file using MS Excel Writer step.
    -- Mick --

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