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Thread: Row de-normalising question

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    Default Row de-normalising question

    Hello Everyone!

    I have a task, and I don’t know how to do it.
    I have a table like this:
    [See attachment: table_1.]

    and I want to make a table like this:
    [See attachment table_2.]

    There are several things:
    • If there are more then 5 elements in the addition, I have to give it a new name, like multiple. (See last row)
    • After the transformation Attr_1, Attr_2 and Attr_3 togethet would be PK. (This means, that all attributes in the original table have the same value for all Attr_1-2-3, except the TO_GROUP attribute. See Attr_N)
    • The grouped data must be in alphabetcial order. (For example: one + two is good, but two + one is not good)
    I’ve tried with Row Denormaliser ( ), but it’s not good for my problem.
    I’ve tried with Row Flatner ( It would be ideal, but I don’t know exactly the number of the occuraces of the TO_GROUP attribute.

    Has anyone any idea how can make this?

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    Looks like a simple grouping exercise to me:
    - Table Input (with order by clause)
    - Group By
    - Insert/Update

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    It is a CSV input. So I can't use SQL.

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    Well, then you can use the Sort step.

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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    Thanks Matt!

    That worked.
    First I thoughed, you talking about SQL Group by, but finally I found that step.

    I never used this step, untill now

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