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Thread: Problem wit letter "ç" on OpenFlashChart

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    Default Problem wit letter "ç" on OpenFlashChart

    There is a poblem I think with the "ç" letter from the month "març".


    In a pivot table is displayed correctly, but in the openFlashChartComponent all months are correctly, but this month does not appear.

    It has to be between febrer and abril. I attached an image

    There is any solution for this?


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    Exclamation Bug?¿?

    There is also problems with accents in data.
    For example if I have in a mdx query:

    ......ON ROWS from [Order Detail] where {[Product Category].[Llibres]
    it work's perfect.

    but with:
    ......ON ROWS from [Order Detail] where {[Product Category].[Música]
    ......ON ROWS from [Order Detail] where {[Product Category].[Electrònica]
    Open Flash Chart trows this:

    Found error: [object XMLHttpRequest] - parsererror, Error: parsererror

    Can I solve this doing something?
    How can I modify the code in CoreComponents.js to support this?


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