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Thread: inconsistency MYSQL database and transformation

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    Default inconsistency MYSQL database and transformation

    I have defined a table LNK_KLIK in a MYSQL-database and in the table is a column called LNK_KLIK_HU_HER_ID. I used this definition in a transformation and I realized the column name was incorrect and changed it in LNK_KLIK_HUB_HER_ID.
    As I also changed the transformation with the new name in the lookup step where I needed the specification of the table and run the transformation there is a error message:
    FIELD [LNK_KLIK_HUB_HER_ID] couldn't be found in the table.
    What is the reason for this message as the definition is correct, according to the MYSQL-database? Is there something wrong in my repository?

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    Kettle caches information about your db schema. Right click the db-connection in Kettle and select "clear cache".



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    I tried that several times, but no result. More possible solutions.

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    another option is to close Kettle, delete the file db.cache from ~/.kettle/ directory and start kettle again.

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    thank you Slawomir,
    By deleting the db.cache file the problem was solved

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