My transformation uses a HTTP client to connect to a xml file, and a Get data from XML step and a Table output (postgres table). I defined an abort step for HTTP client and Get data from XML with a hop defined with "Define Error handling". But it seems that none of these Abort steps are processed.
My problem is that if I enter a bad url in the http client ( Response status code: 404 not found), the get data xml is still processed and I can see this error in the log:
2010/08/02 13:56:55 - Get data from XML.0 - ERROR (version 3.2.0, build 1 from 2009-06-09 14.09.14 by badard) : Unexpected Error : org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleException:
....more lines
But the Abort step is not launched. The consequence is that in the table output step. My table is truncated (Truncate table option is checked) but there is no new record inserted since Get data from XML step returns nothing.
1) Why Table output truncates the table if there is an error in Get data from XML step
2) Why my transformation does not abort?
I'm using geoKettle - Spoon version 3.2.0